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A VERY PROPER TABLE SETTING, online exercise/game (average 2 min)

Please set up a meal for someone special using the serving vessels and cutlery below. These are from Korea that I gathered from flea markets and antique shops during my visits to my motherland. You don't have to set up a Korean or Asian meal; just reinvent the use to meet your imaginary meal for your special guest.  Please follow these steps:

1. Think of someone special in your life (living or from memory).

2. Select serving vessels suitable for your meal and drag them to the table; enter the content of each dinnerware by clicking the text box.

3. After you complete the table setting, please fill out the subsequent page with the following information: 

 - Your name

 - Who is the table for?

 - What is it? (i.e., my grandmother's famous breakfast)

4. Please submit and enter your email address if you want to keep in touch with this project. I will cast a large-scale community table (sample here) using your submission, and it will be on view during an art exhibit this Fall (2021)!

The game can be laggy sometimes; closing tabs on your browser can help. Thanks so much for being a part of this project! 

Program developed by @willbstein, Cubing Ink 

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