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Oksang Lim in Denver

He definitely had a busy schedule in Denver. He was the visiting artist for the CounterART and exhibited a solo show at Art Student's League of Denver. He carried out the 38-degree parallel ping-pong program at the civic center and taught a weekend intensive workshop. I had the honor of accompanying him almost all his events as a curator, facilitator, and translator. I feel like I became an Oksang Lim -US specialist if I can dare claim such a title. I am always amazed and inspired by his energy and passion as an artist and activist. Perhaps his extrovert personality indeed helps him to continue on without any sign of fatigue.

LIM OK-SANG @Lim Oksang

Lim Ok-Sang has been incorporating soil into his paintings for the past couple of decades. Join Lim at ASLD for a workshop and an onsite exhibition of his work. In this workshop, you will learn about his mastery of the manipulated-soil technique to paint on canvas. Work alongside Lim to create a self-portrait.

Workshop: Painting with Soil - Self Portrait SAT-SUN, OCT 12-13 | 10AM–4PM Exhibit Opening : OCT 11 | 5:30-8PM Exhibit Dates: OCT 11–NOV 29 More Info: About Lim: #denverart #artworkshops #oksanglim #collectivesmlk

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