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THE SOIL, 2011

Artist book inspired by the life works of OkSang Lim. Completed August 2011. 9”W x 9”D x 9”H.  Edition of 10

The Soil was created in collaboration with Seoul-based artist OkSang Lim, produced for his exhibition at the Gana Art Center, Seoul in Fall 2011.  The theme of the exhibition was “Water, Fire, Metal, Flesh and Soil,” and these elements are represented in this work inside a cubic space that acts as an abstraction of soil.  Within, water and fire are represented on an intaglio print on hand-made paper while metal and flesh are expressed in the format of traditional books, each containing Lim’s art works and writings.  “Soil” thus acts as a backdrop for all the other elements, providing a metaphorical context as it physically envelops each component.

A copy can be viewed at University of Colorado-Boulder, Spanish National Library and Getty Research Center.  

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