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Fe-O, 2011

Collaborative artist book with a Seoul-based artist, Jongku Kim. Completed November 2011. 10"W x 10"D x 10"H.  Edition of 10

Fe-O (iron oxide) is a book created to narrate creative processes of artist JongKu Kim.  Based in Seoul, Kim is internationally known for his sculptures, paintings, installations, and performances centered around reducing solid iron into filings. 

While Kim milling a 650-pound steel rod to a delicate black powder may simply appear to be an act of dematerialization, the elements oxygen and iron are, in fact, actively bonding, producing iron oxide.  Named after the scientific abbreviation of this compound, Fe-O embodies these intangible chemical reactions of the material and spiritual reactions of the artist. 

Kim's meditative method of artistic production has often been compared to the grinding of ink stone for traditional Eastern calligraphy.  Drawing its structure from this arduous yet spiritual process, Fe-O is akin to Kim’s "grinding room":  this sculptural book is a space where artist duels, surrenders and finally creates.  

Top surface on the box is cut from Kim’s original steel powder painting.  A copy can be viewed at Getty Research Center.  

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